Why it’s cost-effective to repair jewelry


The clasp of your necklace can get broken anytime, similarly a link between your bracelet or watch can even fell off. You don’t have to feel about these things because they are inevitable. Fortunately, it pays to repair a jewelry than replacing it out-rightly. There are several reasons why it’s cost-effective to repair jewelry;

#1: You can actually do it by yourself

You don’t have to pay anyone to just to replace a broken clasp or even re-string a damaged necklace. You can just get a new clasp that has a similar size with the broken one and then attach the clasp to your jewelry with the aid of a jump ring. You can make use of a pair of pliers to open the jump rings and re-attach the new clasp to your jewelry- this will definitely save you money, time and energy at www.shopedc.com/pear-shape-rings.

#2: Regular cleaning and polishing before and after repair of jewelry is very cheap

Do you want your jewelry to last longer, why not take it for regular checking and cleaning? Cleaning your jewelry will make it more hygienic in addition to the fact that it will save you money and reduce chances of jewelry breaking up again. Cleaning your jewelry every 3-6 months, will extend its shelf life and also reduce the risks of losing its precious stones.

#3: It will have better resale value

Repairing your jewelry will give you the opportunity of selling it off, just to buy a new one. To ensure that the jewelry maintain a good resalable value, you need to ensure that it is well-polished after repairs. Alternatively, you may want to sell the broken jewelry at a pawn shop if they are willing to pay good money for a repaired jewelry.

#4: You can expand or reduce the sizes of the jewelry

It is cost-effective to repair jewelries like broken plastic bracelet because it will give you that opportunity to extend or shorten the length of the jewelry. When a plastic jewelry got broken, all you need to do is re-string the bracelet over a new elastic. You need to look out for the right elastic chord first and then make use of a surgeon’s knot to tie up the elastic. Some jewelry owners may even add more beads and stones to their plastic bracelets to make it look longer and fuller.

#5: Repairing can help you re-attach a missing stone

When a stone gets missing, you may be tempted to go and buy a whole brand-new jewelry because you cherish the item so much and you just can’t cope with the missing stone. If you are lucky enough to locate the missing stone, then there is no need to bother about replacing the entire jewelry. You need to make sure that you understand the kind of jewelry material you want to work with, and then look for the right kind of jewelry glue. Keep in mind that the traditional super glue will mess your jewelry up, hence it is not the right choice. You can make use of the G-S Hypo cement glue, the embellishing glue, or E6000 Clear, for this purpose.