Why an SS-5 form can be tough to fill up

Citizens who need new or replacement of their social security cards are supposed to fill form SS-5. This form is one of the important documents that have been used for many decades. Despite the advancement in technology, the application of this document is still done the old-fashioned way. This method of application comes with many challenges which take time to fix. Some of the challenges that people face when filling an SS-5 form without help from application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/form-ss-5/ include:

SSA doesn’t accept photocopies of documents

The application of SS-5 form requires several documents that can be hard to find. An applicant of the form must have all the necessary documents that prove the applicant’s identity, citizenship and age. The documents are supposed to be original or certified copies by the relevant agency.

Getting your first card as an adult requires more steps.

Any applicant who is more than 12 years of age is required to visit the local Social Security Office for an interview. The interview is necessary to confirm if the applicant has never been given a Social Security number before. If you are one of those people who have been living outside the country for a long time, you have to produce supporting documents. Those applicants whose parents didn’t apply for social security cards get a hard time when it comes to finding the appropriate documents that are needed.

Number of replacement cards have a limit

If your card is stolen, lost or damaged, you are required to get the required documents and apply for replacement. However, the number of replacements are limited. If something happens to your card, you can only replace it for a maximum of three times. In addition, you can only get a maximum of ten card replacements in your lifetime.

Name change requires a marriage license

An applicant who wants to change the name due to the change in marital status is supposed to have a marriage license. The license that is required is supposed to be the original copy. In case you have a photocopy, it must be a certified one.

Application is only done the old-fashioned way

If you are a new applicant, you can easily download a copy of SS-5 form online and fill it. However, you can’t submit it online or using other digital means. You can only take the form to your nearest Social Security office in person or mail it. You should remember to include your supporting documents because they are vital for confirming your details.

Long waiting time

Unlike online application of documents which happens instantly, the traditional application of social security cards is slower. The applicant can wait for about ten business days to get a new card. Each and every support document is usually verified by a human being and this make the process slower than a computer machine.

Clerical error are difficult to fix

In case you misspell your name or introduce unwanted characters in the places to fill your detail, there are high chances that the mistake can be duplicated by the clerks and you can get a card with typos or wrong information. Such cards are difficult to use and they need to be corrected immediately to avoid problems.


Whether you are a new applicant or you are applying for a new social security card, you should know all the necessary documents. You should also avoid websites that tell you to send your details online. Such sites can get your sensitive information and misuse your private details.