Should You Trust in Psychic Readings

Your Fate is What You Believe in

As a rather skeptical man, I would say no, no you shouldn’t. But, then again, who am I to tell you what you should be believing in? I can present numerous evidence against psychic readings and the horoscope, starting from the fact that they use vague language and make general assumptions, and that even you can be a psychic reader after maybe an hour of researching psychic reading techniques and a fair amount of insight into the human psyche, and an active imagination. I can go on to discredit every and each one of them as charlatans and as people out to grab a quick buck over the backs of the gullible. But then, I’d be insulting you, dear reader, wouldn’t I?

The truth of the matter is that everybody believes what they want, and that’s okay. If going to a psychic and having them foretell your future gives you solace and a kind of security, then you should definitely go for it. Life can be often tough, and sometimes we need to have something up there watching out for us. If you’re going through a rough patch, and your psychic foretells that good fortune is coming your way, it might just give you the confidence boost to pull yourself out of that trouble. You might credit the turn of your fortune to fate or to your own determination and will, but, in the end, does that even matter? The important thing is, it’s all over now, and you can go on enjoying the newly-formed situation.

But, what if a cheap psychic foretells bad fortune? Does that mean you should constantly be looking over your shoulder? No, it doesn’t. But, then again, you shouldn’t throw your reader’s prediction out of the window too. It just means that you should perhaps be careful, and try to plan ahead so that the bad fortune doesn’t befall you, or, if it does, you will be ready for it.

Final Words

So, what would be the final verdict on “should you trust in psychic readings”? Well, take it with a grain of salt, I’d say. They say seeing is believing, but, I say believing is believing. But what you should definitely do is put trust in yourself, because, no matter how many psychic sessions you’ve sat through, or no matter how many prayers you’ve said, you yourself are the one making things happen. You can’t be Oliver Twist, just sitting around and waiting the plot to unfold, but you’ve got to go out there, live your life and enjoy it, but always take care of yourself too.