Tips on Moving to Singapore


Singapore is known for being one of the most efficient and clean cities in Asia that also offers a cutting-edge well-developed environment. Singapore is not just the fifth wealthiest country in the World, but it is also among the most important trade and financial centers in Asia. Nonetheless, the city has strong laws which residents have to adhere to and which keep the city safe and clean making it one of the best places to relocate to.

A guide to moving to Singapore

· Expert relocation- Singapore is one of the easiest cities in Asia for experts to relocate to and currently there are over1.31 none permanent residents living in the city. The city allows foreigners to become acquainted with varying cultures in a safe manner. You can access low price help, high quality education as well as strong security making it an ideal place to raise a family. From high-quality health facilities to a high living standard you can live the best life in Singapore. Nonetheless, as an expert moving to the city, you may find accessing information hard as all information broadcast via media and TV is government censored. However, you can access broadband services that are usually inexpensive and reliable and get all the information you need. You will be required to pay taxes to own a TV.

· Cost of living- the high standard of living offered in Singapore comes at a price as this city is among the ten most expensive cities to live in worldwide. Property prices are high, as can be seen from the northwave ec prices; alcohol taxes are high and heavy taxes are also imposed on vehicles.

· Language- Mandarin Chinese is the official language used in Singapore, but English is also a common language in the city. Other languages include Tamil, Malay, and Cantonese.

· Climate- Singapore enjoys a tropical climate which does not have sharply divided seasons. The eastern part of Singapore is drier and warmer than all other parts, and you can choose the part with the most favorable climate for you while planning to relocate.

· There are certain breeds of dogs that are not allowed in Singapore. The restriction on the type and number of animals you can own is based on the building you live.

· Singapore does not allow left had drive cars. Furthermore, while you may drive in Singapore using your current license, you will be required to own a Singapore license after one year.

· Buy an EZLink card- The card is used in public transport. You can also check the Getting Around page for advice on how to navigate train and bus. You will also be able to know Singapore’s taxi charges as well as the number you can call to access a taxi. There is also a Driving in Singapore section that contains accurate information on how you can convert you home country driver’s license and the cost of owning a car.

For more information, it is important to hire a relocation advisor who can help you relocate efficiently without stress. The advisor will also help you to; access assistance, identify the best areas to live depending on your budget and lifestyle. The advisor will also help you to cope with transitional challenges, prepare for the new culture and help you find the right schools.