The Purpose of USPS


USPS means united states postal service and is an independent agency which is similar to that is responsible for providing postal services and it provides this services even to the insular areas and associated states. Insular areas are is not one of the fifty states of the U.S territory nor a federal district.USPS forward all first class mail for twelve months to you and after that the mail is sent back to the sender. After you fall out of the system for eighteen months then your address will have to be listed on it. After moving again in six months there steps to be followed which are ,make sure that you have filed a new change of address and that you have a carrier file that has been updated up to date and that it is correct.A change of address confirmation is ,after you have changed your address USPS mails confirmation mails which are up to three mails and this makes you know that USPS has processed your change and the changes are leady for forwarding. The confirmation mail will be a send of old address if you have not relocated and if that is not the case then this mail will not be sent a permanent change address is then sent to your email and lastly a welcome kit is sent to your new address which contains coupons and offers..

A temporary change of address can be changed in less than an year and then do it again until you get a permanently situated after which you put a permanent address change and thus your mail will be forwarded for an year thus making a notification to those who need had sent you an email will be notified about your new email and this notification takes place for eighteen months.

For this forwarding to take place the steps must be followed so that a change of mail can be notified to those who need to know a change in the address. As mentioned earlier use this service when making a permanent move and when the move is just temporary for as short as just fifteen days and one year long make sure you extend after a duration of six months .After doing that for both temporary and permanent move direct to a new address bearing your mail by just a few clicks and pay a charge of $1.00 through your credit card and this charge verifies your identity.

A set piece by piece is then sent to the provided new address .Lastly a welcome kit is received with coupons that are from the partners. An address that is considered to be valid will have your forwarded mail for twelve months. Forwarding works after you enroll by paying an enrollment fee of $20.10 or a fee $18.45 of which is online enroll fee and this is good to be noted . Most mails are packaged every Wednesday and is then sent to you via the priority mail service. Weekly shipment is tracked by arrivals of 1,2 or three business days through receiving a notification email to the USPS,com account which has to be provided and the packages arrival periods depends on the distance. There is no holding of Priority Mail Express but are lather sent directly sent to you. The mails that do not fit to the provided weekly packages are sent separately at no cost and this mail is called First class mail. When the forwarding is made in a domestic a servicing premium called Premium Forwarding Service Residential is also used .