Steps For Getting The Best Deal For Your Home

So you have finally reached that important decision to sell your home, congratulations!

What happens from here forwards can be good or bad depending on how you manage the efforts to sell your real estate.

Regardless of the state of the real estate market in your state or area, there are a few important things you can do to get above average price.  A nice property in a good location can fetch average prices. While a not-so-good property can sell profitably. It all comes down to the quality of your marketing efforts. Selling a house sounds like a pretty straightforward endeavor until you start to receive annoying offers for the property.

So save yourself some heartache by following these steps to help you get the best price for your home in the shortest possible time. The steps are broken into two stages to appeal to house buyers.

Before You Sell

Pricing it Right: Setting your price too high is the first step to getting a bad deal. The longer the property remains unsold, the more likely you are to get desperate and sell low. To get the most competitive price

– Investigate average prices for similar homes over the past months, available on property listings on the internet
– Be willing to accept up to 15% less
– Ask for more than you are willing to accept, buyers always negotiate!

Choose the Right Broker: Do not choose your agent on the basis of familiarity. The best broker should:

– Be with familiar with the area where your property is
– Know how to effectively use the internet for marketing
– Have experience selling homes like yours
– Be willing to let you speak with their former clients
– Make you feel comfortable dealing with them. If you do not like them, prospective buyers will not, either.

Staging Your Home

When preparing the home for sale, your goal should be to sell fast, rather than to get all your investment back. There will be similar homes on the market, with lower prices, but most of these will not be in the same condition as your home. You can make this work to your advantage by carefully managing the appearance of the property.

Fix Up Your Home: Minor repairs like broken door handles, holes in the walls, broken pipes and leaks have to be fixed. Not doing so makes the house look uncared for. But the goal is not to renovate but to make the home ready for the new owners to move in immediately.

– A fresh coat of paint will work wonders but do not be tempted to try and conceal cracks and defects. Fix them instead.
– Trim hedges and fix the garden walkway – if necessary replace stones. Keep the grass cut.
– Clean makes a better impression than new. Clean up the house, paying attention to metal fittings.
– Declutter closets, cabinets and the garage.
Depersonalize But Don’t Empty Out: By leaving some of your family’s stuff, you make it easier for buyers to connect with the property. And it also creates the impression that the house has not been on the market for long.

Sell to The Woman: If the property you are trying to sell is for a family, then the kitchen is the most important room in the house.

– Fix countertop and cabinets
– Leave fruits in a bowl on the coffee table
– Spend as much time as possible talking with prospects in the Kitchen
– Focus attention on the woman.