Problems when you don’t update your mailing address

You have just moved to a new place and since you don’t expect to receive any mail in your older address, updating your address will most likely be the last thing on your mind. It may surprise you but there are good reasons why its important to update your address after moving. Here’s why, we suggest you go with right after reading this article.

1. You will still receive email in your older address!

You surely don’t want to miss out important documents that may move to your older address. Towards facilitating easier communication, many companies, as well as government departments contain databases, which among other data, they contain your current address. It is obviously impossible to know all future communications that you may receive from these entities. Banks and other organizations will simply reference your current address in their database and send mail communications accordingly. What about that old friend or acquaintance that may suddenly decide to find how you are doing, or more interestingly inform you about an interesting opportunity by sending emails to your old address? Clearly, updating your email will help towards ensuring that you receive all necessary communications that require your attention.

2. Protect your Identity and Privacy

Important government records, as well as records from private companies, educational institutions, among other entities contain your current email address. Moving without updating your address creates a non-genuine representation of your identity. Besides, you don’t want to imagine the possibility of someone accessing very personal and private communication that may be sent to your old mail. The world is obviously becoming more dangerous, and while you think that you are not vulnerable to scams and identity thefts, you don’t want to take a chance. Moreover, many companies and platforms, such as Skrill have protocols where they compare your current location to updated address before they can allow you full access to an account.

3. The Mail remains an important channel of communication

While the email, and other forms of electronic communication are fast replacing the paperwork of mail communication, the mail still retains its position as an important official communication channel. Oftentimes, paperwork that require your personal signature will be posted to your address. Besides, the government and other institutions prefer using your address to post important documents such as driving license and visa processing files. Getting these types of documents is will consume your effort, time, and money; hence, why its important to update your address after moving to ensure that you obtain them on time.

4. Avoiding unnecessary costs

As it turns out, updating your address may save you significant costs that you may not be aware of. Oftentimes, multiple government departments will charge you considerable cash when they send documents to a non-updated address and they have to send the documents back to you again. Don’t forget that you may have to pay again all processing fees for items such as a driver’s license. Updating your address will also contribute in saving organizations the billions f dollars they spend annually on returned mails, as well as having to resend the mails to the correct address. You have clearly seen why its important to update your address after moving. What are you waiting for?