Important rules for beard trimming

Each beard is different to the other person’s beard, that is, they are unique. This therefore means that each beard requires customized care and maintenance.

Self restraint has for so long been said to be a leading factor to an epic beard. When the beards start growing, you ought to leave them untouched for approximately 4 weeks so that they may grow evenly. Some, normally grow faster than others so just be patient enough to let the grow more even. There are a variety of tips for one’s beard care and you should adjust to them as you learn which of them works best your beards. Match your beards with the shape of your face with Check through a variety of styles and decide on one particular style that will make you look admired by many, more so, the ladies who normally fall in love because of smart, lovely and nice looking beards.

Always, be aware of when and how to trim your beard. Just like the beautiful and lovely flowers that get you attracted to them, your beards need to be trimmed and appropriate times. Proper research on the best trimmer should be done. There are so many beard trimmers out there and deciding on the best amongst them might be somehow tricky. This is why I will say that you should conduct proper research.

Another key element is cleanliness. Wash your beards regularly. Washing it daily is very much advised. When eating, granules or particles of food may get trapped in the beards and if not removed, it may cause itches. This is also the same case with skin cells. To avoid this itching, just wash it. Of course don’t forget to dry your beards.

Apply beard oil to your beards. It is believed that not a single element tames beards much as applying beard oil does. Applying oil to the beards leaves the beards conditioned and shiny. There are a variety of the beard oils which also range in smells and scents such as the Mr Natty Frank’s Beard Elixir.

Eat well. The beards are made of fats and proteins but also highly relies on Vitamins B3, BS and 89. This therefore means that eating plenty of leafy greens, nuts, egg yolks, milk and lean meat is more of help. Others call this fuelling up.

Never ever should you forget the mustache. Unless one has chosen on a chinstrap, having an epic beard also means growing a mustache. Trim the area under your nose, which is known as the philtrum, to keep it looking neat always. This can be done using a pair of grooming scissors. Using a medium-hold wax such as the Beard brand Mustache Wax will also help in keeping it naturally sculpted.

Last but not least, train your beards. Rubbing them down,daily, with a beard brush or a comb wrangles stubborn hair. This will train them to grow downwards. Using a soft-hold styler like the Jao Bomade Beardscent will add extra sculpting power while taming any flyways.

Beards are nice but if not well taken care of, one might look like a scary wild animal.