Hiring a DUI Attorney

Most states categorizes DUI (driving under influence) as a very serious criminal offense, irrespective of the fact that it is very common. It is considered a serious crime because it puts the lives of many at stake on a daily basis. DUI charges vary depending on the surrounding factors of the your act including blood-alcohol concentration, whether a person was killed in the accident, your criminal record, or the injury level of the involved persons. Depending on the situation, you could be facing some jail term or hefty fines. Besides that, your driving license will be withdrawn for some time and you may be required to install IID (ignition interlock device) after the suspension period depending on your state DUI laws.

So, do you need an attorney for your DUI? It is in your best interest to hire a good lawyer for a DUI especially when your case involves some aggravating factors. This is your professional advice on why you need a good lawyer when you’ve got a DUI:

a) First, you Need Information from a Good Criminal Lawyer

A good DUI attorney has deal with several DUI cases, and has been exposed to a case similar to yours. Lawyers have more information about your case that will be useful as you move forward. When we are faced with different cases, we have several questions to ask, and the best place to look for genuine answers is through a DUI lawyer. You can avoid being anxious of what is about to happen next by talking to a lawyer to have a clear picture of your case. A lawyer will calm your nerves by giving you the right information and how to deal with every situation. Solid legal council will assure you of what has happened, what you can expect and the things to expect in your case in future.

b) A DUI has serious penalties and consequences.

Even if you are a first time offender, you may go to jail for a DUI conviction. You will also lose your license for some time and maybe have an impact on your current employment status. You will also have to pay some fine. There are also chances that your insurance company may decide to do away with you, forcing you to look for an expensive alternative once you have the chance to drive again. Clearly, DUI have a potential to significantly impact on your life in a bad way. The best way to deal with the DUI cases, to minimize these consequences nod possibly to do away with the charges is to get a good attorney for your DUI case. A good DUI attorney will work with you to help you understand the best way to proceed with the case and to minimize the charges.

c) Bargain down the Charges

Sometimes you may not be in a position to defend yourself effectively. A good attorney will use their negotiation skills to minimize the charges against you. The attorney may have ways to reduce the charges from serious like drunk driving to reckless driving. The attorney may also help you to get to pass through a first-time offender program or diversion programs to help you avoid spoiling your records again.

DUI is common, and most people ignore the consequences; DUI has the potential to disrupt your life significantly when not handled properly. Discuss all the involved details with the attorney upfront and be as honest as possible to help solve your case.